Statistiques sur le telechargement

Capacite de memoirePhotos [1]Chansons [2]Documents [3]Videos [4]
64MB3015567 min.
128MB762811215 min.
256MB1535722530 min.
512MB3071154501 hour
1GB6142309002 hours
2GB1,2294601,8004 hours
4GB2,4579213,6009 hours
8GB4,9151,8437,20018 hours
16GB9,8303,68614,50036 hours
32GB19,6607,3722900072 hours

[1Photos based on an average file size of 1.5MB.

[2Songs based on an average file size of 4MB.

[3Documents based on a combined average of a 50kB Word document, 27Kb Excel spreadsheet and 2.7MB PowerPoint presentation.

[4Approximation for video playback at 768kbp/MPEG4. Actual time may vary based on resolution and compression.