Are all USB Flash Drives made with the same level of quality ?

The marketplace is filled with USB Flash Drives of diverse quality. Some are excellent, although many are completely unsuitable and fail to meet to most basic quality control tests. If you are considering a bulk purchase of custom branded USB Flash Drives for promotional purposes, a good quality product that will enhance your brand image is essential.

In many instances, buyers overlook quality and simply hunt for the lowest possible price to only discover the hard way that many suppliers sell unacceptably low quality USB keys. This type of low quality puts a stain on the flash drive industry, since when you purchase a USB anywhere, one would expect it to function properly and also be well branded.

In fact, many promotional product distributors and end users buy imitation USB flash drives from phony direct manufacturers in China who cut too many corners, resulting in a poor quality product that cannot be returned or given to your clients. We at USB Canada have heard way too many horror stories like this and pride ourselves on our high level of quality to calm your fears of having to repeat such a bad experience.

Memory Chip quality

The NAND Flash memory chip is a component that is the lifeline of a Flash Drive. Flash memory comes in different grades with a range of read and write speeds and data-retention capabilities. At USB Canada, we only use new, grade A memory in all our products and have ISO certification quality control standards at our factory.

Unfortunately it has become commonplace for too many promotional product suppliers acting as a middle men, to be unaware what is actually inside their USB Flash Drives when they receive their orders. Your search has finally ended since you have now found a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer for your promotional flash drives.