USB Drives with Logo – Making an Impression

lundi 29 novembre 2010

It used to be that handing out cups with one’s logo or other such sales items was a good way to promote one’s business and logo. But today the promotional items of the past no longer make the good impression they once did. In order for a business to make a good impression is by using promotional products that are not only useful but that show your company is on the cutting edge of technology. One of the ways this can be done is by using USB drives with your logo on them.

In today’s business world USB drives are used for a great many types of applications. They can be used to back up files, to transport data from different computers and in a wide variety of other ways. Since they are used so often, what better way to keep your company name and logo on someone’s mind than by putting it on the USB drive itself ? A USB drive with a logo can help in keeping your company’s name seen many times when the drive is used. This makes them an ideal way to promote your business and services.

In addition to the USB drive with a logo, you can also put data on the drive that will help promote your services and products. Presentations, catalogues and brochures can be preloaded on to the drive and set to auto play when the drive is used. This can start a presentation and even end up with one going being directed to your company’s website. This can be a wonderful way to showcase your latest products and services to your current customers as well as help to show prospective customers what your company can do to help them.

USB drives come in a wide variety of colors and in different types of materials such as plastic, metal and even leather. They also come in various shapes that can coincide with your business. Shapes such as keys, wine bottles, business cards, airplanes and even snow boards are some of the most popular. The great thing about USB drives with a logo is that they are very small and easily fit into one’s pocket, on a key ring in a purse or briefcase. This makes them a handy gift that has many uses for your customers. It can also be a great holiday gift for your employees as well. By using USB drives for your company promotional items you show how advanced your company is in regards to technology today.