Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements : Why do you need .ai or.eps format files ?

For logo imprinting or engraving, your logo image or text must be provided as a vector file.

The main reason, is because vector images retains its clarity when scaled up or down.

Here is an example :

You can see how .jpg, .bmp or .gif files are all pixilated and distorted.

For the vector files, the computer remembers the file using vector paths, thus avoiding pixilation of the image. Vector paths are saved as mathematical equations, allowing resizing of the image without any loss of clarity.

For the majority of other file types (jpg, bmp, png, and etc.), the computer uses a grid of pixels or small squares that get fuzzy and distorted when enlarged.

Why certain .ai or .eps files won’t work ?

Certain graphic programs allow saving any image as an EPS or AI file, but this does not make that file a true vector file that will allow printer/engraver to resize the file without loss of image clarity. If you do not have your artwork in its original format, these files will require to be recreated into a vector file by a professional graphic artist at an additional cost.

How to place an order ?

Placing An Order

At USB Canada we strive to simplify your buying experience.

A simple Quote Request/Order Form with payment details begins the order process. Simply complete our Order Form, provide your signature, and fax/email this form back to us Please note that for payments made using credit cards, a written authorization is needed.

When the full payment is received (unless you have established terms with us), your order processing begins. For orders requiring quick delivery, payment using a credit card is the fastest way to have them processed. Please note that if you wish to pay by cheque or wire and do not have terms, processing will not begin until USB Canada receives full payment, which can delay order processing by possibly several days.

If your order requires special instruction and/or if you have any questions, you can always call us Toll-Free at 888-868-5USB (5872).

Temps de production

Quel est le temps de production ?

Les délais de production peuvent varier selon les détails de votre commande (quantité, modèle et la complexité de votre commande). En moyenne, le temps de production pour la majorité de nos produits est environ 10 jours ouvrables. Nous offrons aussi un service expedie pour certains produits pour (frais supplementaire).